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Tenant Find Only

£400 + VAT for rents under £700pcm

£600 + VAT for rents over £700pcm

John Bray & Sons market the property, conduct viewings, reference applicants, draw up Assured Shorthold Tenancy and other supporting documents relevant to a tenancy placement, and register deposits using the DPS


Rent Collection5% plus VAT of the monthly rent (the above Tenant Find Fee applies)

John Bray & Sons will collect the monthly rent, chase late rental payments, and advise on any relevant notices to be served, we are not legal representatives, but will be able to pass you onto a company that specialise in this law and organise annual gas safety certificates through our contracted plumbers.


Property Management10% plus VAT of the monthly rent (the above Tenant Find Fee applies)

John Bray & Sons will collect rent as above, conduct property inspections and report back in writing to you, liaise with the tenant during the tenancy, organise any quotes for maintenance work required and organise annual gas safety certificates through our contracted plumbers.


Additional Fees  

(Items in blue are included in the property management service, but are in addition to tenant find only and rent collection services.  Items in black are in addition to any of the services we offer)


Section 13 Notice (rent increase) – £54 inclusive of VAT

Section 21 Notice (2 months’ notice to end tenancy) – £54 inclusive of VAT

Photocopy of AST – £15 inclusive VAT

Additional property inspections – £36 inclusive of VAT


Checkout Report


Unfurnished property                                                 Furnished property

Studio £60 inclusive of VAT                                         Studio £84 inclusive of VAT

1 Bedroom £78 inclusive of VAT                                 1 Bedroom £102 inclusive of VAT

2 Bedroom £90 inclusive of VAT                                 2 Bedroom £114 inclusive of VAT

3 Bedroom £102 inclusive of VAT                               3 Bedroom £126 inclusive of VAT

4 Bedroom £114 inclusive of VAT                               4 Bedroom £138 inclusive of VAT

5+ Bedroom £132 inclusive of VAT                             5+ Bedroom £156 inclusive of VAT


Taking a Deposit Dispute to ADR – £60 inclusive of VAT

Sworn Statutory Declaration for single claim – £72 inclusive of VAT

Renewal/amendment of AST – £60 inclusive of VAT for non-managed properties, £30 inclusive of VAT for managed properties

NRL annual submissions to HMRC – £66 inclusive of VAT

Annual account summary – £66 inclusive of VAT



Additional Fees (outsourced to other companies – VAT may not always be applicable)

Energy Performance Certificate – £60

Electrical Safety Certificates – £100 – £200 dependant on size

PAT Certificate – £35 (for up to 3 items)   £45 (for 4 or more items)

Gas Safety Certificate – £56.40 inclusive of VAT

Smoke detector – approx. £12 each

Carbon monoxide detector – approx. £18 each

Installation of detectors – £50 inclusive of VAT for 1st hour, then part thereof after 1st hour ie 1¼ hours = 2 hours charged

Rent protection policy – depends on monthly rent, please contact us for a quote

Legal expenses policy – £18 for 6 months cover, £30 for 12 months

Section 8 Notice (possession with relevant grounds) – outsourced to solicitors, solicitors fees payable

Court attendance – outsourced to solicitors, solicitors fees payable.  If John Bray and Sons need to attend, £36 inclusive of VAT per hour


Please be aware that your property may be subject to selective licensing.

 If your property does require a License an application will need to be made to Hastings Borough Council.  The cost of the license is £660 and is valid for 5 years.

If you would like John Bray and Sons to make the application on your behalf, the fee is £120 inclusive of VAT.  If you choose our property management service, the fee will be £60 inclusive of VAT.

Please contact us on lettings@johnbrayea.co.uk for further information.